Monday, November 24, 2008

Becky Rae (Dawson) Bair
Provo, UT - Summer 2011
Becky & Siblings

Lagoon, UT 2007
Becky & Son Michael
Becky's View on Life

Well you wanted to know what I think is the meaning of life. I think the meaning of life is to come to this world and become a part of a family. And to grow and learn while we are here. Hopefully the goal in life is to return to live with our family again. It's a time of learning and growing and trying to do the things that are right. In my life the most important thing is the family that I have. I would do anything to try and protect my family and to help my kids to become the best that they can be. I think in this life we learn from our parents and then we try to become better parents for our children and hopefully our children will be better parents then we our. I hope if nothing else that my kids will realize how important there family's are and learn to appreciate the importance of family. One thing I learn in life is friends come and go but if your a lucky person your family will be there for you no matter what. When things go wrong as they sometimes do I could always count on my family. It's a real comfort also to me to know that my husband no matter what will be there for me. I know that there have be a lot of times in my life when I have been sick. The one person I could count on was my husband. So I think it's very important to marry someone that you can count on to help in times of need. I know that I could count of my husband with helping me to raise my family.
Brianna, Colby, Becky, Kylie
Kyle, Eric, Stanley, Michael, Jeanna
Family Picture, Winter 2010

Becky (left) & sister Loretta

Thoughts by Michael

I love my mom. She is a great example for me. I appreciate how she has raised me and how she still teaches me.

I am thankful that my mom cares so much for her family. She works so hard for them in and out of the house. I know that she would do anything for us. My parents have sacrificed a lot to give their kids the best life they could give. I am thankful for how my mom had taught me to work in and out of the house.

My mom takes after Grandpa Dawson with her carpenter skills. I have learned to do a lot of home repairs because my mom got me involved with tearing up the carpet when my dad was gone and putting in new tile. We also ripped apart the downstairs bathroom and someday will probably finish putting that project back together. I love that my mom doesn't mind getting her hands dirty.

I'll never forget my mom coming out and playing horse with me. She would cheat and shoot the ball really hard against the backboard and the ball would fall in every time. I'm grateful that she came out to my games. If I ever did something right on the baseball field my mom was the loudest fan in the crowd. That is not an exaggeration either.

I appreciate my mom working hard to keep our family strong and happy. I love her for wanting to be home with us to raise us. I am forever grateful for all that she has done for me and will forever love her.

Stanley Quinn Bair

Michael Quinn Bair
Eric Stanley Bair
Kyle Rae Bair
Brianna Bair
Jeanna Bair

'Swede' Oscar Ross Dawson
Ruth Isabel (York) Dawson

Sharon Ruth (York) Hensen
Irma Jean (Dawson) Johnson
Diana Lynn (Dawson) Whitted
Jimmy Ross Dawson
Loretta Kay (Dawson) Wilson

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