Friday, November 28, 2008

Ruth Tolman Hopkins Barrus

Ruth was the oldest of 7 children. She grew up in pretty humble circumstances. She grew up on an old farm and had to work really hard. She was always painfully shy. She was a worker, she could not sit still. She always wanted to be working and wanted everyone around her working too. She was very talented and loved to garden and make quilts. Grandma was very industrious and supportive to her husband and family. “When I was little, maybe 9 or 10 I had a worm business. There was a refrigerator we buried in the ground and filled it with coffee grounds. Worms really liked them [coffee grounds]. Mom and I would go out at night and catch these night crawlers and sell them at a penny a piece.” She was always very kind to me. One time on Christmas Eve my stinkin older sisters came up and emptied out my stocking and put coal in it. When I got up, I was only 7 and still a believer. I went to find my stocking and all the other kids had stockings clear full of good stuff and mine was clear full of coal. I started balling and my parents went ballistic! The girls were laughing at first, but they sure got in trouble!
Glen Ellis Anderson

Glenda Gail Anderson
Dale Lewis Anderson
Kathleen Denise (Anderson) Barrus
Timothy Brian Anderson

Alfred Hopkin
Madeline (Tolman) Hopkin

Margaret Hopkin
Norma Hopkin
John Alfred Hopkin
Mable Hopkin
Leota Hopkin
Wilford Tolman Hopkin

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