Monday, November 24, 2008

Stanley Quinn Bair

Stan's View on Life

My son has asked me to express my beliefs and feelings about some very important things: Family, Life, and the meaning of Life. To me I think the later two are very similar or the same. They are all inter-related very closely.

I would dare say that my family is my life, the people I love the most, the reason I work each day, why I continue to try to improve myself, perfect myself. My family is who I hope to spend Eternity with. They are my motivation to be the Son of God I have been taught to be. I picture my Father in Heaven as part of my Eternal family along with my earthly wife and five children, as well as my earthly Mother and Father and all my ancestors. It has been through my family that I have been able to learn so much in this life to be more like my Heavenly Father. As I have grown up with loving parents, and with my own wife and children, I have been shown: patience, love, kindness, faith, hope, responsibility, and many other positive qualities I need to be like my Eternal Father.

This brings me to Life as well as the meaning of life. This time in which we live is a time to learn and to improve. To me the best way to learn in this life is in the Family unit. Our Father and His Son are perfect beings. The family is the best way to help me to be like the Father and the Son. I have so much to learn and I have a good wife and good children to show me the way and to give me determination to continue to improve and to endure to the end. That too is the meaning of life as far as I am concerned; To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. The family is the tool to help us learn the necessary qualities we need. It is also the very eternal unit we will enjoy when we reach the Celestial Kingdom. As far as I am concerned, the family unit is the most important unit we have in this life and the eternal world.

Thought's by Michael Bair

I love my father and appreciate all that he has taught me. It is impossible to simple list or state what I have been taught and the love that I have received.

My father has taught me how to work hard. I care that I am a good worker and it has come through my father not necessarily his words, but through his actions. He has worked hard for his family. He would do anything for us. He wants us to be happy. He wants us to make wise decisions.

I love my dads personality. I thought it was awesome when my mom would tell me that I had my dad's sense of humor. Dad makes me laugh. He relies on God and doesn't worry. He knows that if he is doing his best and living right that God will take care of him.

I appreciate my father being there to support me. I appreciate the talks that we had and still have. I appreciate his advice and encouragement. I appreciate him supporting me. It was so nice to look into the stands for my parents at all of my games. They traveled far sometimes to support me. My dad would go in extra early so that he could make it in time for my games. He was there when I went to scout camp. Depending on who had to work the next day depended on who would stay up for me on weekends to make sure I made it home safely.

I admire my dad for the selfless way he lives his life. He takes care of my mom and my family. He serves faithfully in the church and goes out of his way to help others. My dad is my hero. I will love him forever.

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