Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arthur Joe Dawson

Arthur or Harold holding Ethel in front of house on 10th st. around 1950-1951 where there is now an overpass.

Arthur, Ethel, Laurence

Oscar leaving for the service, Either Harold or Arthur, Alcie, Ethel, Laurence (bottom)

Art, Harold, Ethel, Larry, Oscar, and Alcie sitting in front. Taken day of Harold's funeral.

Oscar, Larry,Ethel (IRENE),Art.  In Cemetery, Alcie's funeral.

Graduation, Notus High School



Image from, Middleton, Idaho Cemetery, Click HERE

Art or Laurence funeral, Harold Jr., Anna Marie (Art's daughter), 2nd husband Marc Cordoza, Kellie Louise (Art's daughter), Oscar

Laurences memorial, last photo of Arthur. Arthur, Oscar, Harold Jr.

Patricia (Landon) Dawson, divorced

Kellie Dawson
Anna Dawson
Joe Dawson

Harold Oscar Dawson
Hessie "Alcie" Isa Belle (McGowen) Dawson

Oscar Ross Dawson
Harold Dawson, Jr. 
Jerold Oliver Dawson
Laurence Darell Dawson
Ethel Irene (Dawson) Chapman

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Arthur JOE Dawson

Anonymous said...

Harold Junior DAWSON
Jarold Oliver DAWSON
,Fraternal Twins.
Born, 22.Nov.1935.,Friday.
Jarold, died Sunday, Nov.24th.,
and laid to rest.. Nov.25.1935,
Cuatas,Union Co.,New Mexico.
Cuatas Cemetery.
Little Jerold smallest of the
twins; 2 lb.06 oz..
Harold; 3 lb.,06 oz.