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Lucy Ann Maria (Cole) Bair

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Noted Pioneer Woman Called.
Mrs. Lucy Ann Bair, 96, widow of John Bair, died in Ogden, Monday. Mrs. Bair's mother and father were the first two persons to be baptized into the L.D.S. church after the church was organized in 1830, with six members. They were therefore the seventh and eighth members of the church. Her husband was a prominent man in the early life of Utah. Mrs. Bair was born in Ohio in 1828, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Moroni Coles (ic), and came to Utah with the first immigrants in the company of Brigham Young, in 1847. With her sister, she witnessed the Haun's mill massacre and following the massacre she assisted in caring for the wounded. Soon after arriving in Utah the family moved to Willard, where they lived until they were compelled to go south to seek protection from the Indians. Mrs. Bair's father owned the first grist mill in Box Elder county. Mrs. Bair is survived by five children: Moroni, Homer, and William Bair of Richmond, Mrs. Almira Adams of Bountiful and Mrs. Rhoda Moody of Woods Cross. Her husband died many years ago. Not only did Mrs. Bair participate in the hardships of the pioneers but she raised two families besides her own. She was always known as a kindly generous person. The body was sent by Larkin Undertakers to Richmond where funeral services and interment will be made. Complete arrangements for funeral services have not yet been made, but will be announced as soon as word is received from some of the relatives.

Ogden Standard Examiner
March 4, 1924

John Bair

Phebe Alnory Bair
Morila Alnory Bair
Moroni Barnet Bair
Alzina Mariah Bair
Rhoda Servina Bair
Almira Suria Bair
William Alma Bair
Homer Alvin Bair
Joshua Bair

Barnet Cole
Phebe Amanda Van Alstine

Lucinda Eliza Cole
Mary Ann Cole
Phebe Amanda Cole
Susan Ann Cole
James Barnet Cole
Moroni Cole
Laura Sariah Cole
John Cole
William Ether Cole
Fanney Mariah Cole
Joseph Hyrum Cole

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