Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ruth Isabell (York) Dawson

Becky Bair's Thoughts (daughter)

The things I remember about my childhood is that our family didn't have alot of money to spare. But it seemed like mom and dad made sure that we took family vacations. The one I remember is when we went to yellowstone. We rented a u-haul trailer to pull behind are car. At night time my Dad slepted on the back seat of the car,I slepted on the floor of the car and my brother Jim slepted on the front seat of the car. The rest of the family slepted in the back of the u-haul. It saved money so we didn't have to have a motel. Alot of our family vacation I remember we would bring along my Grandma Churchill. She came with our family alot. Most of the time we would just grab food and sleeping bags to go camping with. We would bring a big tarp and lay it on the ground and then put all our sleeping bags on it. We would put a tarp on top just in case it started to rain. Another thing I remember about my growing up years is that my Dad would always like to take a Sunday drive. I used to dread those sunday drives and mom would always make us go. We would sing in the back seat of the car to entertain ourselves. One time we were on are way up to featherville and a deer jumped out in front of the car of course we hit it. We had to be towed. Another time we had an old station wagon and the tire fell off of it. I remember the time it was my mom,dad, Loretta and I went to disney land. We all shared a room together. My Dad snored alot well my sister Loretta would make these loud sounds to try and wake him up. Of course it didn't wake him up but it woke my mom and I up. Dad was a carpenter and some times he would take jobs out of town to make money for the family. He was working in Las Vagas we got to spend a month down there living in a camp trailor at a KOA camp ground. It was fun. I remember that I went swimming everyday why we were there. They also had a two seater bike that the seats were side by side. On payday Mom would let us rent one for an hour to go riding around. The other things we would do to keep our selves intertained is play card games like old maid. Needless to say some of us would tend to cheat. But I remember laughing alot. I guess the best part I remember being together as a family no matter what the case was.

Michael Bair's Thoughts (grandson)

I love grandma. Just like Grandpa it seems like she is always wearing a smile and you can't help but smile back. I love the sound of grandma's voice. It is sweet and kind and is usually asking me how my life is. I enjoy playing games with grandma and some good ol Scrabble. Every once in a while Grandma and Grandpa will stop in at home with a load of wood or just to say hi. I'll never forget every year my parents letting us open a present on Christmas Eve. For a while we were able to open what Grandma got us, but eventually we started to choose to open up something else because Grandma Dawson always got us body wash and we wanted toys. I also appreciated my Grandma sending me a card every once in a while when I was on my mission in New Mexico.

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